BB's Liquor and Fine Wine

This store is right down the road from where I live. I love going here to shop for when we have parties or if we need something special to take to someone else's house. They have an incredible selection of local and international wines, liquors and beers. They have sampling nights on the weekends when vendors come and offer free tastings of their products. They also have a cigar room (i don't smoke) but those of you who are interested, can definitely check that out. 

The staff is really friendly and willing to make every customer happy. We even requested a particular bottle of liquor that they didn't carry and the owner ordered it specially for us and keeps it stocked from now. They definitely have a good service ethic. 

Another local buisness I will gladly support. Good customer service deserves 5 stars! - Krupa U.


This adult beverage mecca is but a mere 1 mile from where I live. In an industry where the closest is usually the choice, I would venture to say that driving the extra few miles here is actually still worth it. The owner/manager Zack is usually here and very helpful. If he is not there, one of his friendly associates are so proactive in helping you find what you are looking for. Don't see a size or product you want? Tell them and they will likely oblige you in ordering it for prompt availability. There are often neat tastings on the weekend evenings, and in the summer weekends, there is tasty, street oven made pizza in their parking lot by a partner vendor of theirs. 

Their immense selection of local and craft brews, aisles of wines, wall high stacked liquor selections, and basic selection of mixers/pop all make them pretty much the best liquor store within the 8-mile radius I would say. My only two gripes are that pint-size bottles are not state minimum (though they are close), and that their non-liquor selection is limited. But in fairness, this is understandable, as they maximize their footage to offer what customers want. I give them two emphatic thumbs-up! - Joe T.